Hello! How are you?

I was born in the city of Manaus, in September 30, 1996. 

As an artist, I'm mostly (but of course not totally) self-taught. It might be important to say that I'm an art school dropout. I take inspiration in my routine and the media I consume.

I love nature, mornings, afternoons, breakfast, friendship and bitter-sweetness. These are some topics I like to portray in my personal work. But I like pretty much anything, except superheroes (sorry if you are a superhero!).

Lastly, I'm a mom to three lovely girls that wag their tails when they're happy (they're dogs!), Nicole, Rosinha and Mel, and married to an amazing boy named Lucas. Hobbies include: cooking, drinking coffee, small talk, listening to music, playing videogames (I love Zelda and farming games!) and reading.


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