I was born in the city of Manaus, in September 30, 1996!
I draw since the moment my mom introduced me to the world of crayons and pencils, when I was like five! I might even have eaten some of the crayons at that time. For me, drawing has always been both self-expression and shelter. Sad or happy, I draw. 

Now, twenty years later, I work as an illustrator! I'm still learning -- taking baby steps, one after another. I love illustration and I love portraying emotions and stories. I like to draw almost anything. I just enjoy drawing, a lot. So far, I had the pleasure of collaborating with magazines published by Editora Abril (Superinteressante and Você S/A), and projects such as Fora da Caixinha (a subscription box for comics in Brazil) and DENEM (National Executive Direction of Medical Students).

Oh, it might also be nice to tell you, my new friend, that I'm a mom to three lovely girls that wag their tails when they're happy (they're dogs!) and married to an amazing boy named Lucas. My hobbies include: cooking, having breakfast (I have the mind of a hobbit), small talk, listening to music, playing videogames (I love Zelda and farming games!) and reading.

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